«...and this is how to become a black sheep» is a mutative installation as well as

  a transforming object made of Austrian sheep, black colour and plaster.


  Like a coat that seems a little too big for an avarage human beeing. Made of a sheep's 

  bright fur it first appears like a hideout– a shelter, or an oversized symbol of
  innocence and virtue that we sometimes long to take cover and find peace in.


  From above – in the ceiling of the museum – I fixed a not apparent, hidden tank of
  pitch-black colour that drops down on the fleece. The drops fall down within an intervall

  of about 5 seconds. After days little by little the object gets blackend.



  (Shown at the ViennArt 2009 | «Wiener Gerücht. Das Private und das Öffentliche»
  at the Musa Wien in October 2009)